There are 8 types of units for each race. Monsters – are a special NPC race.

1. How to train troops

For each type of units training the appropriate war science has to be studied.
After the science has been studied training (Military) building can be constructed. After the buildings have been constructed certain type units can be trained there.

Trained units get to the Garrison and defend your City.

If there is danger you can hide troops to the Sanctuary (if the "Sanctuary" science has been studied). Troops in the Sanctuary do not fight.

Troops in Garrison and in Sanctuary consume salary in Gold. Enter the Main Building to see how much the salary is. If there is not enough Gold for keeping troops in a City, units begin to gradually desert.
0.5% of units (0.005 units) that can’t be supplied with salary desert per hour .
If you have 1 unit and no Gold in a Pit, the unit will desert after 200 hours.

When sending troops in combat or non-combat mission the troops will take double salary (for round trip).
Coefficient of mission speed is also taken into account.
For Slow Speed coefficient is 1
For Normal – 1.25
For Accelerated – 1.5
For Fast – 2

If 465 Carriers with salary 0.1 Gold per hour (0.1/3600 per second) go out for a mission 1:04:44 (3884 seconds) by duration, the formula of salary they are to take will look like this:
465 * 0,1/3600 * 3884 * 2 *2 = 200,67 ~201

Army Automatic Training
Service of Army Automatic Training can be received as reward for quest.
If you apply this service, the button "Start Automatic Training" will appear in training buildings.
When the queue of training gets empty, the queue will be automatically filled to limit if there is enough people and resources.

Army Accelerated Training
Service of Army Accelerated Training can be received as reward for quest.
Maximum value of the accelerating is 90%.

2. Units Description

3. Units Parameters