Races features:

Demons are cold-blooded creatures of darkness. They dwell in the Deadlands –lifeless scorched territories around volcanoes, where they’ve learnt to mine Stone very quickly, compared to other races. Demons have united different warriors of darkness under their flags – Dragons, Skeletons, Leeches, but their most outstanding warrior is the mercenary Demonesse. She has the most of attack points among the other races’ mercenaries. Being in deal with Dark Elves, Demons accumulate forces in order to seize power in the Empire once for all.

Dark Elves. In ancient times some part of Elves were exiled to the caves of the Cursed Woods. They have adapted to the darkness, mutated and took the cave dwellers as servants. As a result the new race emerged. The Dark Elves produce Wood and Iron well. And their combat Mages are the best units to oppose enemy Towers during their attacks. Besides, their Mages train faster. Dark Elves are in deal with Demons.

A peaceful race of Elves chose the fabulous Magic Woods with high waterfalls as the place to live in. This race has the greatest rate of Wood production. And, of course, the tales about miraculous deeds of the Elven Healers have spread far beyond the boundaries of their lands. Elves have friendly relations with Knights.

Legends are being told about bravery of the Knights race, but nothing will compare to the number of legends about their passion for gold. The Knights have the highest Gold production efficiency and the greatest capacity of the Carriers' backpacks among other races. In order to store their teeming treasures they build the Warehouses of the highest capacity. Also, they distinct with high rate of Crops production. Knights have friendly relations with Elves.

The Undead have inhabited the labyrinths of the Dungeon for centuries. Now that adventurers have rushed to explore the underworld, the Undead longs to turn the world of light into darkness. Using the ability to revive fallen monsters in battle, they replenish their ranks of the dead. Also, they have increased production of wood and stone, which helps to quickly rebuild their cities. Allied with Dark Elves and Demons.