Population Growth is provided by:

  • the Main Building,
  • Cottages,
  • Idle Population reproduction. The value of Idle Population reproduction per hour = 0,04*(number of idle people)

In order to see what the Population Growth in a domain is provided by, enter the Main Building of a domain.

Population Growth is limited to all Cottages and Main Building’s capacity. The number of living places can also be found inside the Main Building.

There can be more people in a domain than the number of living places allows (for example if you captured slaves or brought people from another domain), but in this case the excessive people will begin to flee with a certain rate. The bigger the surplus – the higher is the rate. Idle People will begin to flee first. After there is no more Idle Population the employed people will begin to flee. The employed population flees from all buildings with equally probable chance.
Formula :
The surplus of N people causes to flee N * (0.01717 + 0.00002828 * N) people per hour
This means that 100 excessive people cause 2% of population flee per hour, 10,000 excessive people cause 30% of population flee per hour, and 3,000 excessive people cause 10% flee per hour.

Each domain can shelter maximum 150 000 population. All extras vanish without warning.

Idle Population increases the Gold income via the Trading Posts. The more Idle People you have the faster their reproduction is. Idle People can be captured.

Employed Population consists of Workers (Alchemists) and Builders. The Builders are needed to construct, upgrade and repair buildings. The Workers are needed to maintain Producing Buildings. If there are two buildings under construction with undermanned staff, then after the accomplishment of one construction the lacking amount of builders will move on to the second construction site, and rest of the Builders will become Idle.

In order to redistribute Builders and Workers in buildings use the appropriate sliders in the buildings.

If there are vacant working places and idle population in a domain you can drive people to work with the help of buttons "Distribute Builders" and "Distribute Workers".