Ruins – are domains of Monsters.
Resources, including the Black Gems, can be stolen from Ruins. The Black Gems (BG) amount depends on players' payments of the server. It is possible that you find Ruins with 0 BG.
There might be 1 up to 7 ruins in each kingdom (plus 1 Archruin).
Ability to attack certain Ruin is determined by your rank and rank, that is level, of the Ruin.

Monsters from Ruins can attack players of suitable rank within their Kingdom. Same city can’t be attacked by the same Ruin more often than once in a day.
Monsters can attack players only of their own rank.

Lifespan of a Ruin can vary from 10 days to several months. Ruin will also disappear after successful attack against it; as soon as it happens, a new Ruin will appear somewhere on the Map.

If Monsters went out for an attack, and came back when their Ruin has disappeared, even if a new Ruin appeared exactly on the old place – the Monsters will be dissolved as if there was no Ruin at all; Monsters don’t live in strange to them Ruins.

If a player launched an attack against a Ruin, and it disappears before the attack arrives, and a new Ruin appears on the same place, the battle won't happen. With that if the player receives a report about the new ruin before his army arrives, the battle will take place, provided the ranks match.

Aggressive Ruins#

There is a Monster Hero in some Ruins, which are called Aggressive Ruins. Initial number of Monsters in such Ruins is higher than in usual Ruins of the same level.
Aggressive Ruins are highlighted red on the Kingdom Map.

Ruins of level 5, 6 and 7 can be Aggressive.

Monster Hero go out with the main army (of Monsters) for attacks. Exception is if Monster Hero is being stunned.
Monster Hero can be imprisoned according to the common rules.
Monsters are able to ransom their Hero even if the Ruin where the Monster Hero is from does not exist anymore.
You can release a Hero imprisoned in your Dungeon at any point. If the Ruin where the Monster Hero is from does not exist anymore by the moment of his return, the Hero will just disappear as well.