In order to study sciences it is needed to:
- construct at least one Alchemist Lab building;
- choose science to be studied in the Science Window.

Science Window#

Click the "Science" button at the bottom left in order to enter the Science Window.

The button will turn red if no science is studied (for example, no science was chosen or there are no Alchemists in your domains).

Alchemists need your assistance#

If any science requires your confirmation on completion of the process, the button will shine green. In such case you should enter the Science Window and click the science spotted green. Information on what’s needed for the science to take effect will be written in the pop-up box.
EXAMPLE: Your Alchemists have studied the "Warrior" science to level 2.
This science studying allows training level 2 Warriors who have improved characteristics but also higher cost of training.
Firstly, all the Warriors of level 1 that you have, must be upgraded to the level 2 and the cost of their upgrade must be paid. Alchemists can’t do this without your interference.
Your assistance to Alchemists consists of the following: enter the Science Window, click the spotted science and agree to pay for specified amount of resources. Units upgrade in a moment.
Cost of upgrade depends on Warriors quantity – the more Warriors you already have the higher cost of their upgrade will be. All Warriors in all your domains, missions, training buildings and Resurrectors will be considered at the upgrade cost. If you don’t have any Warriors the upgrade will cost nothing.

The cost of upgrade will be taken from warehouses of the domain that was chosen in the drop-down list of domains. If you have chosen a domain where resources are not enough for the upgrade, try to choose another domain and perform upgrade from there. If you, on the whole, don’t have enough resources for the upgrade, you can upgrade units later. In this case you won’t be able to study this science to next level until the upgrade is completed. You can have several different sciences waiting for your acceptance.
You can also reduce the cost of upgrade by getting rid of a portion of units you wish to upgrade.

Science Points production rate#

Science Points are produced by Alchemist Labs from all domains, that is, the science is a common resource for all domains. The more Labs are constructed the faster sciences are studying.

Science studying rate can be affected by:

  • Village Bonus that can be seen inside of the Alchemist Labs. The bonus affects each Lab separately.
  • Ancient Magic Bonus that can also be seen inside of the Alchemist Labs. The bonus affects each Lab separately. If the bonus is active, the icon for the service order, which is near the rate of science production, will be spotted green.

Also, the message "The Ancient Magic is active" will be written in the Science Window.
Note: as Village and Ancient Magic Bonuses affect each Lab separately, it’s WRONG to sum science production rates of all Labs up and then multiply by bonus. Science production rate is multiplied by bonus first, then rounded off, and then – all the values are summed.

  • Quest Bonus, that is - reward. This kind of bonus can be seen in the Science Window. It is added to the total sum of science production.

Sciences and Specialisations description.