Artifacts have effect when they are on a Hero Doll.

Artifacts do not have effect if:
1. a Hero is stunned;
2. a Hero is in the Sanctuary;
3. a Hero is not in the domain (this is as per the Artifacts that affect domains), with the exception for Science bonus from Artifacts.
Artifacts affect buildings and special units only in the domain, where the Hero with those artifacts is.

Artifacts can be obtained from:
1. Ruins.
Artifacts appear in Ruin at the moment of Robbery against Ruin.
Chance of Artifact appearing in a Ruin depends on level of the Ruin.
No more than 1 Artifact can appear in 1 Ruin.
If several players attack same Ruin, only one random Hero will get the Artifact.
Player can steal Artifact from Ruin only if a Hero of any level participates in the Robbery mission.
2. Trader.
Artifacts can be bought from the Trader.
3. Tournament.
Artifacts can be received as reward for the Tournament.
4. Quests.
Artifacts can be received as reward for some quests.

Artifact Sets
Artifacts are collected in Sets.
Same Artifact can not be included into several Sets. Complete Set of Artifacts on one Hero has extra effects.

See Artifacts and Sets for each server type below.
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