We try our best to make the gameplay interesting and pleasing for every player.
The Game process is regulated Game Rules and conditions of End User License Agreement

The following is forbidden and suppressed with gags [1] and bans [2]:

1) abuse, coarse language (in letters, slogans, city and clan names),
2) spam (letters containing incoherent symbols and empty letters are considered as spam),
3) multi-boxing [3] (it is forbidden to have more than one character on one server, more than two people to play on the same computer or IP address on the same server, to unveil your password to other players; a user can have only one account in the Game, multiple accounts of a sole user can be banned anytime at discretion of the Right Holder).
4) conspiracy of a group of people aimed at obtaining in-game advantages that contradict the Rules, as well as use of robot programs of third-party developers in the Game,
5) in case if clan names are similar in a way other players might think this is the same clan, the Administration reserves the right to rename one or both of the clans,
6) advertising,
7) financial fraud,
8) disrespectful attitude toward the Administration.

[#1]Gag is incapability to write letters to other players during the specified period.
[#2]Ban is character or account block for specified period.

You can report another player to the Administration (the "Report" button in messages) for the use of coarse language, personal insult, spam or advertising.
If the report is reasonable your opponent can be gagged for 1-7 days. In case of multiple reports from many players, the violator’s character or account can be banned.
In case of unreasonable reporting other players you can get a warning. In case of multiple unreasonable reporting other players you can be gagged for 1-7 days.
Warnings are also made for insignificant violations of the Game Rules.

[#3] If two people share a computer or an IP address:
1. They should write an in-game letter to the Administration that would say that the two players play together with logins of the players mentioned. *Choose "Other" subject when writing the letter.
2. The Game Characters of the two players must not interact in the Game. It’s forbidden to cooperate with each other: be in the same Clan or in Alliance, attack each other, launch Joint Attacks, provide assistance, trade with each other, send Spy, Vision and Outer Domain Reports, etc. The limit of attacks against single domain per day has to be common for both of them – no more than 2 attacks in total from two accounts.

If you wish to look after your friend’s character use the Substitute function.

With your account you can have characters on all servers but no more than one character for each server.

Account transfer
If a player no longer wants to play on his account, he has the right to transfer his account, one-time and irrevocably, to another player who does not currently have his own account. In this case, both players must first notify the administration of the game about this: write a letter to the external mail of the administration support_us@elyland.net with a request to change the mail associated with the account to the mail of the new owner. After changing the mail, the new owner is obliged to change the password on the account as soon as possible and not to transfer it to anyone.
NB: the sale of game values, including game accounts for real money, is strictly prohibited by the rules of the game.