Camp - is a mobile domain that is used as springboard for quick attacks.

To open the dialog box of the "Encamping" mission click "Camp" in the Kingdom context menu.
A Hero is required for this mission.

Under the squad award you can find the amount of Gold taken from the domain and put to the bank of the Camp after it is founded. The amount of Gold is equal to the salary of the sent troops for camp life-time.
The mission can be withdrawn.

When the troops reach the square and if it is good for city foundation the domain "Camp" will be created.
If the square cannot be used, the mission returns and the player receives the message: Camp cannot be founded.

As soon as encamping begins, the Spell that summons 50 Merchants for 365 days is cast upon this domain for free.
If the Merchants die, they will not be restored.

While the Camp is being founded the Hero, troops and merchants cannot leave the Camp and the Hero cannot cast Spells.
The Main Building of the Camp displays the timer that counts down time left to the end of foundation.

While the camp is being founded and the troops don't rest, the hero and the troops can be sent to the Sanctuary and the Artefacts equipped or unequipped.

The Camp cannot be upgraded.

A player can see villages from the Camp but no building can be constructed there.
Other players can see the camp.

Missions can be sent to/from the Camp, like for a usual domain.

Camp Destruction.

  • Other player can destroy the camp by sending the "Camp Destruction" mission.
  • The owner can also destroy the Camp by clicking "Destroy" in the Kingdom context menu even while the Camp is being founded. The camp cannot be destroyed by its owner if any out-coming missions are sent from it (similar to other domains).
When the camp is destroyed the survived troops and the hero start the escape mission to the nearest city.

The camp can be attacked with the mission "Domain Destruction".
Missions "Robbery" and "Slaves Capture" are also available.

Success in the "Domain destruction" mission destroys the Camp.
When the Camp is destroyed the survived troops and the Hero start the Escape mission to the nearest city.