Pits are situated underground on the Underground Terrain, just like Mines, but they contain free cells where buildings can be constructed, like in cities. Some buildings aren't available for construction in Pits, some, on the contrary, can be constructed only there.

Pits can be of 5 levels. The number of cells in a Pit depends on the Pit's level, same as the speed of the Main Building's production does.
Each Pit has a Life Span ranging from several days to several months. A Pit's Life Span is shown inside the Main Building. A Pit collapses together with all resources and buildings in it, after the Life Span expires. Player's troops located in the Pit when it collapses, leave for the nearest City with the Escape mission.

Each Pit has a "Tunnel". It's an analogue of the City Gate, including the automatic opening after 7 days since last login. Buildings don't get damaged in Pits after 3 days due to the closed Tunnel as they are situated "inside the wall".
It takes 5 minutes to open a Tunnel and 6 hours to close it.

A player can refuse a Pit after clicking the button analogical to the button of City Removal at the Kingdom Map. See the City Removal.
If troops were queued for training in a Pit, and then the Pit was refused, the trained troops will stay in there.

The Main Building of a Pit produces one random resource.