!!Registration questions
[How to sign in, if you have registered with your social network account?|social_enter]\\
[How do I recover password?|pass]\\
[How do I change Login?|login_ch] \\
[How do I change Race?|ch_race]\\
[How do I rename my City?|city_ren]\\
[What does "Remember me" mean?|auto_enter]\\
[How do I register on the Forum?|forum_reg]\\
[How much time characters and accounts of players are kept in the game if disuse? What is Riot?|autodel]\\
[Can I leave for vacation?|Vacation]\\
[Traffic usage by the Game|traff]\\
!!Interface questions 
[Google Chrome Browser — How do I switch the keyboard layout?|raskl]\\
[How do I switch to the full screen mode?|fullscr]

!!Game questions
["Renegade" or — What the red colour nickname of a player on the Kingdom Map means?|Factions]\\
[Why do some Workers leave buildings?|Progul]\\
[Why don't I receive new quests?|Qest_new]\\
[How long the messages are kept?|Mess_dur]\\
[Why don't I have messages?|Filtr_Mes]\\
[How can I see if a player online?|online]\\
[How do I add friends to the Contact List?|add_contact]\\
[Where my resources gone?|Find_res]\\
[Where my army gone?|Find_army]\\

!!Black Gems
[I have paid for the Black Gems but I don't see them on server.|Convert_ChZh]\\
[I purchased "Science studying acceleration" service for the Black Gems but it is not working|bonus_science]\\

!!Login Problems and similar
[I cannot go out to the Kingdom Map.|kor_truble] \\
[How do I increase the Flash Local Storage?|locale_store]\\
[How do I empty cache and delete cookies|Cookies]?\\
[How do I make a screenshot and send it to the Administration in case a mistake is found?|screen]\\
[Game Saving|Save]\\
[If you entered a server window, you choose a server and cannot enter. Part1.|What1]\\
[If you entered a server window, you choose a server and cannot enter. Part2.|What]\\
[Connection Diagnostics|Diagnostic]


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