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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2019, 19:48 
Bodiless Spirit

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So stranger I thank you for the pot of mead and just so I will tell you my tale . It's a cold night and and good time to sit near the fire . i was not always old and weak .I once had your viigor and youth. I once struck fear in the hearts of those men who pray on the weak and the poor. Sit back while tell you a tale of adventure and daring to warm you thoughts on night such as this.
I was like you once ,a soldier going where my lord commanded and killing those who would oppose his will. I was proud , I thought it a noble cause. I was fool. We came upon an enemy toun totally undefended .The men folk away no doubt looking for the very army now at their door.
We were ordered to charge and like all good soldiers charge we did. Bravely slaughtering our foe, Mothers ,children, the old ,the sick .
I left my calling knowing i was was hardly noble ,nor brave just another foolish man fight other foolish men for a cause that all soon forget.
So i wandered the land and drank my fill from one filthy toun to the next.
Together we have traveled many lands in search of the terrible seventh dragon . For years we wandered .Thru mountains ,dark forests ,trackless deserts and raging rivers. We slew many demons.Many times i charged the beasts killing without remorse,I was blinded by my ambition to slay the dragon.
Sometimes carried away only my trusty squire kept me on the path. "Sir Nexas do you not see that these are not the dragons spawn ? You have killed this poor farmers flock of sheep ! Faithful Hanesly perhaps you are right. I can not see what is before me any longer. It is your time now .
Look Sir Nexas there, there be the the seventh dragon . Do not try to mock me young squire ! But sir! " Hanesly turned and charged .It couldn't be but it was ! I kicked my steed to a full gallup and together we battled the last dragon. The people rejoiced and offered us great rewards,
" For your bravery and stout heart i name thee SIR HANESLY DRAGON SLAYER " The people had their new champion and were well pleased. As for me ,I am happy to sit and drink and for a copper i may tell you a tale.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2019, 20:14 
Bodiless Spirit

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It was a great adventure with my Mentor killing that LEGENDARY 7th Dragon. . . :D :D :D

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2019, 21:07 
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This has potential I can tell, but it's ridiculously short. This is hardly a "story".

By the way, congrats on arch ruin.

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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2019, 07:28 
Support manager
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Congratulations with the great feat!
Please work on your story, don't forget that it has to be vivid and interesting.
We recommend you to read stories of other players who have already received their rewards, to get an idea.

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