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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2019, 19:48 
Bodiless Spirit

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So stranger I thank you for the pot of mead and just so I will tell you my tale . It's a cold night and and good time to sit near the fire . i was not always old and weak .I once had your viigor and youth. I once struck fear in the hearts of those men who pray on the weak and the poor. Sit back while tell you a tale of adventure and daring to warm you thoughts on night such as this.
I was like you once ,a soldier going where my lord commanded and killing those who would oppose his will. I was proud , I thought it a noble cause. I was fool. We came upon an enemy toun totally undefended .The men folk away no doubt looking for the very army now at their door.
We were ordered to charge and like all good soldiers charge we did. Bravely slaughtering our foe, Mothers ,children, the old ,the sick .
I left my calling knowing i was was hardly noble ,nor brave just another foolish man fight other foolish men for a cause that all soon forget.
So i wandered the land and drank my fill from one filthy toun to the next.
Having been asked by the good people of the nearby excuse for a toun to "get out and stay out " i found my sleeping another one off under shade of some pines not far from side of the path leading out of toun.
I was jolted out of my slumber by a great uproar of beast and man. I assumed the toun folk had decided to set the hounds on me. Not satisfied with just tossing me out mid drunk.
Sitting up i see two men running for all they worth directly towards me.On the road behind them were a young boy and a lady both dressed unmistakably as nobles .The youth had a sword drawn pointing down the road at creatures emerging from the opposite tree line.The nature of these beasts was unknown to me ,never having seen the like. The thing that was sure is that they meant to tear the nobles to pieces and the young boy would not even slow them down,The two men dressed in the livery of the house and no doubt entrusted with the safety of the young lord and lady had decided to live to tell about it and were running away at great. The first had dropped his weapon and sped by my resting place .The second , a few steps behind terrified went flying as i stuck my arm out of tree and caught him neck high.Dropping the sword he held as he sailed forward he did not even look back to see what struck him as he was up and gone. I picked up the sword and joined the nobles on the road. The youth not knowing my intentions kept the lady between him and me .I had to admire his pluck not standing rats chance against either foe he stood his ground. I turned to face the beasts seconds before they were on us.Most were unarmed brutes ,strong but no match for cold steel a few were mounted on short steads looking more like large dogs .They carried crude clubs but had no real skills and no leadership ,just coming on as they could. It was close work but the beast fell one by one and the youth and even the lady dispatched the wounded .
I thought maybe the nobles would spare a few coins for saving their skins. The lady approached me asking my name. "Nexas mam . Formerly of the King's own, mam" "Well Sir Nexas we are in your debt." she replied "it''s just Nexas mam. I am no knight" ""hand me that sword Neas"Well now i'm thinking they are not even going to leave me the sword. A lot of good it would do them. "Neel " she said and proceeded to name me Knight and Protector of the kingdom. Im thinking great now im an unemployed drunk knight ,I could have used some gold as you can't eat a title.
They insisted that i return to thier kingdom with them .As they had food and mead and i wasn't exactly busy i figured it couldn't hurt.
I learned thier names on our journey Lady Fae and squire Hanesly .They seem to assume that i would want employ in their garrison> "no thank you .mt Lady " i said " i have seen to much soldiering and death to go back to the sword"
She told me their tale and of the beasts .Beasts much like those we fought.They were speading thoughout her lands.Killing many isolated farms and villages. Her bannermen hid behind thier walls while the people died.. This i thought was something worth doing with my skills and after all i was knight.
A week later i was armed ,finely mounted and leading a squad of he best soldiers. We were forming up to leave when Hanesly came riding up. "Are you to see us off young Squire?" "No" he said" i am here to kill beasts and serve you as your squire" i almost fell out of my saddle "Son this no adventure'No parade' you won't last a week out there' "still" he said "i go. My family was taken by the beasts and will have justice or my death." "Well you don't lack for courage Hanesly but we need you here to protect the Lady."
We rode out with Hanesly standing his mount watching us stream out of the keep.

Together we have traveled many lands in search of the terrible seventh dragon . For years we wandered .Thru mountains ,dark forests ,trackless deserts and raging rivers. We slew many demons.Many times i charged the beasts killing without remorse,I was blinded by my ambition to slay the dragon.
Sometimes carried away only my trusty squire kept me on the path. "Sir Nexas do you not see that these are not the dragons spawn ? You have killed this poor farmers flock of sheep ! Faithful Hanesly perhaps you are right. I can not see what is before me any longer. It is your time now .
Look Sir Nexas there, there be the the seventh dragon . Do not try to mock me young squire ! But sir! " Hanesly turned and charged .It couldn't be but it was ! I kicked my steed to a full gallup and together we battled the last dragon. The people rejoiced and offered us great rewards,
" For your bravery and stout heart i name thee SIR HANESLY DRAGON SLAYER " The people had their new champion and were well pleased. As for me ,I am happy to sit and drink and for a copper i may tell you a tale.

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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2019, 20:14 
Bodiless Spirit

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It was a great adventure with my Mentor killing that LEGENDARY 7th Dragon. . . :D :D :D

PostPosted: 11 Jun 2019, 21:07 
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This has potential I can tell, but it's ridiculously short. This is hardly a "story".

By the way, congrats on arch ruin.

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Any questions? Just ask.
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PostPosted: 12 Jun 2019, 07:28 
Support manager
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Congratulations with the great feat!
Please work on your story, don't forget that it has to be vivid and interesting.
We recommend you to read stories of other players who have already received their rewards, to get an idea.

PostPosted: 23 Jun 2019, 04:28 
Bodiless Spirit

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Hello guys, hopefully you will like our second version of our story.

There was a night that full of darkness and I dreamed to become a great warrior. I was young when I learned that the land I am living is not only for human but also for the dark evils who ruling the other side of the Lands and they wanting to rule the world, but we have a great King who fought for the sake of his people, named king NEXAS. He is a great King and a great warrior who fought numerous monsters who tried to invade our land. I always look up to him and hoping that one day I will be a great warrior, a strong warrior like him.

The time goes on, I am now a young man, a young man that wanting to become a great warrior besides the king. I followed my dream and I entered the army. I trained hard to become an elite warrior and to be part of the front line who fight the dark evils.

I heard people talking about the legendary 7th dragon who gives numerous amount of black gems which what we need to make our kingdom strong. But still, no one could point where it is.

I wonder where is that 7th dragon and what it looks like and want to kill him with my bare hands.

Now the time has come and I need to move forward to fight for our people, for the future of humanity.
I fought the evil dragons with my strength and I killed them with my might and I became one of the elite warrior in the kingdom.

And now, the king gave me people to lead the war and bring the victory.

In our journey, seeking the black gems from ruins to ruins but only found less and less and our kingdom needs them to make our kingdom stay strong. Without this magical black gems, our kingdom will fall as this only gives life to our land.

But I always think about this 7th legendary dragon who has the numerous amount of black gem.

One day, while we are on the our journey, we found a abandoned ruin, but this ruin is different from the other ruin that we destroyed. This ruin has 7 stars, and were terrified as we've never encounter such ruin with 7 stars.

And I said to my people, let's head to the king and tell him that we found the so called legendary seventh dragon.

We went to the king with said to him that, My king we found a ruin that is different from the ruins we destroyed, This ruin has 7 stars and I think that this is the so called legendary 7th dragon. But inside of it has a large amount of dark evils.

And the king was unsure if I am telling the truth. And the king said,

Oh my young warrior, who told you that there is a legendary 7th dragon??? That is just a MYTH! and I've never seen this thing in my whole life!

And the king mocked me, but I humbly answered, Oh my king, even me I've never seen this thing in my whole journey but this one is really different. I've seen numerous evils that dwells in that ruin, how could I know if I don't risk my life for the sake of our kingdom?

I am willing to offer my life and I will bring the victory for our kingdom.

Please my king let us give your blessings.

And the king was amazed with my bravery.

The king answered, I've never seen a warrior with such a brave heart like you, BUT! you will not fight alone. I will go with you.

And the king gathered all of his army to go to the ruin that I reported.

YOU! Young warrior, You will fight with me and with my army, you are not alone. We will fight as ONE! We will bring the VICTORY!

I got stirred up by hearing those words from my king and I'm now seeing myself as a great warrior.

The king said, My warrior, gather your people and be prepared for the battle. We must go and annihilate this so called Legendary 7th dragon.

My army and I lead the way to the place where we found the ruin.

And behold, the ruin has seven stars and guarded by the evil monsters.

My king cried and said, Be not afraid my people! as i am with you! Fight with all your heart and might and I will lead you to the victory!

And the people cried, VICTORY! VICTORY VICTORY !!!!

And we charged them with all our strength and we got a chance to break their defense and we annihilate all of them and none
was left.

[denied external image]
[denied external image]

And we brought the VICTORY and the numerous amount of magical black gems.

And the king gave me an honor for leading the war with him and he made me his one of the great warrior in the kingdom.

I hope you enjoyed my story about our adventures.

Hanesly and Nexas

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PostPosted: 05 Jul 2019, 03:41 
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The rewars are waiting for your on the server.

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