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PostPosted: 24 Aug 2018, 18:51 
Bodiless Spirit

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I was born at a very early age and some people find it difficult to believe that I was ugly as a child.

But I remember my Father's words even to this day. In the wonderful kingdom of MyLands you must be wary of two things: Never become an explorer and beware of 'Posonium'. Why I asked as I was perched on his knee. Well My Child he replied, explorers die at a very early age so keep away from that profession. And Posonium, what is that? A kind of drug? No he replied, this is a name we use to refer to Satan he replied and sort of means a dishonourable person of low birth.

So I remembered my Father's words as I woke around 16:00 game time on 24 December in the Year of Our King. As a young squire I was required to read the explorer reports and to my utter surprise I saw the magic words "Ruin 7" had been discovered several hours earlier. I had never seen one before. I was really surprised not at its beauty but at its plainness. It was like any other level 5 or level 6 ruin with magic cover.

I spied the ruins and found that it did not contain the actual sizes of the army.

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So, I would need my good friend 4Silver to help me. I searched the Inns and the Taverns and the local whorehouse where he was known to frequent after collecting his pay on a Friday but he was nowhere to be seen. I looked at old records of magnificent wins such as the combined efforts of Joebob and Manticoa and single wins of the great players such as Warner and Tiger984. These all had large armies so how was I supposed to win such a battle single handed against an enemy I could not assess?

Spells. That was the answer. And my best artefacts though they were not so special. At last a chance to use the Monster spear I got as a quest reward as well as the level 2 Monster Shield. But would they be enough? I searched my scrolls and found a special one in a dusty alcove in Tower block once of my castle residence. It was a level 5 Special Caution and meant the my army would not attack it they could not win. Perfect! Just add a few to decrease the Monster's attack by 50% and the general attack, defence and health to bolster my chances.

I have to admit that my arms, hands and even my legs shook nervously as I spied again and visioned to the pleasing result that no one else was attacking. Then I cast the fastest boots spell I had and set off my humble Hero with my entire army to take on the Monster and his large unknown army. I noticed that even though the 7 Ruin was just 2 squares away it was still just over an hour to the battle front, and that was with the fast boots spell and a pair of fast desert boots which used to be my Father's.

That hour seemed like and eternity. But wait. I forgot to cast my spell Enemy Weakness!! -25% attack to the enemy! Oh well, I thought, I must march on before the ruin is dicovered by another. During that hour I thought of the rich rewards for winning as well as the honour I would bring to my Clan. An lo and behold I did win and found the strength and energy to write this down even as my troops trudge back from victory.


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PostPosted: 26 Aug 2018, 09:06 
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A good start, but I think the admins will agree this story is a little short and desires to be more robust!

I like how you've incorporated events/news/names (etc.) from our actual game world.
Perhaps detail something about the battle itself, but it doesn't have to be the same cookie-cutter story for every Arch Ruin we read.
Think of some story-arc that interests you and write about that; it could be a change in your character's perspective, heroes coming together as a team, or just defeating a great evil (or all three!).


EDIT: Oh, and grats on the arch ruin!

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