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PostPosted: 09 Jan 2014, 07:56 
Bodiless Spirit

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Here is the story of warner…
Warner is a brave knight who took his courage to lead a fierce battle against monsters.

Knights of the middle age are rich soldiers who possess horses, swords and armors. They are under the orders of a Lord who accommodates them. In return they fight under his banners…
However, they follow a code of honor :
- ban to fight religious days
- ban to attack people without defences
- ban to attack the weakest groups

I am Warner. I dedicace my life to the fight. When I’m not fighting, i prepare myself to do it, i make tournaments in every castle… I am always ready to fight.
But I also teach all that I learnt on battlefields throught lands to my apprentices.

Any learning begins with the equipement which must be completed :
- On a linen vest, I dresse a coat of mail :
- a tunic with 30 000 iron rings
- gauntlets for my hands.
- iron shoes for my feet.
- artefacts for all parts of my body.
- magic weapons (swords, elven bow, daggers…)

The teaching always invites in the caution, if the armor is very effective, it’s also very heavy. If a knight will getting down, it could be very difficult to him to getting up.

Everything began during a lunch between gentlemen. One of my explorer dared to disturb me during my lunch :

“Master, you’ll never trust me !!!! Monsters, there are everywhere !!! EVERYWHERE !!!”
The vaillant was yelling : “ahhhh !!!, an arch…, an arch…, an arch ruin !!!”
“What !!!, an arch ruin ???”

All the crowd began laughing but Sir warner stand up on the table. Him, the wiser had heard talk about these arch ruins… Of course, few people heard about arch ruins, others think there are legends.

The assembly burst out in laughter and Warner had to ask for silence, though making no effort to hide a subtle smile : “friends, this vaillant could be right. Please, send quickly some explorers. I want to know the truth.”

Our best warriors left in the middle of the night, ridding through the country as far as they could. But if the statements of the vaillants are truth, they have to be carefull, so they prefer to end their trip on foot to remain silent. In most they approached the presumed place, in most the fog became thick. Their heart beat faster and faster, only one continued to make fun : « an archiruine…, why step grâle it as long as it is, I say unto you my friends that are wasting our time, we would be better at the castle to drink a few pints and to play with a few wenches ».

After one hour walking through the forest, the swords master stopped net and what they saw was not a hallucination, monsters they had seen, but all together in one place ever, how many were they ?

Surely by the tens of thousands, they was prepared to do battle, it was on now, they would compete on our land, looting, devastating and burning everything in their path.
Dawn began to emerge it took quickly return, all peasants who were in the field can attest, that morning they saw pass swords master on their horses, although they went to great pace, they had time to see their faces, they expressed terror, as if they were prosecuted by the devil himself.

They jumped their mounts, although very difficult to regain their breaths, they did 1 detailed account of what they had seen, it was decided not to wait, the largest army ever seen in the country was reunited in a few hours, sir warner listening that courage took the head, the legend became reality.

The monsters didn’t finish their preparations, they were surprised by the valour and courage of swords master. The first battle was terrible, the swords master gave their lives for their master, monsters was really too strong for brave disciples. they died to weaken the arch ruin .... but warner knew he couldn’t win this war without losses ... That why he decided to sacrifice his 150,000 swords master.
Now that the ruin is very weak, the rest of the warner’s army had more than to destroy these monsters and take all the resources

Not wishing to stay in this place, sir warner and his men returned as quickly as possible with gold, iron and precious bg. The way back was long to return to the capitale .... The warner’s city was helpless whitout his army and the god’s protections was just enought to protect warner against his stronger’s ennemies .... When the warner’s army came back to the capital all the slave and friends welcomed them with happiness!! Nobody could forget this battle for thousand and thousand years coming, the courage and bravour of the warner’s army is from now and ever know from his friends as his enemies.

Final's battle.jpg
Final's battle.jpg [ 125.67 KiB | Viewed 4715 times ]
sword master's battle.jpg
sword master's battle.jpg [ 94.98 KiB | Viewed 4715 times ]

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PostPosted: 09 Jan 2014, 09:05 
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Are you spelling your name incorrectly throughout your own story??
:shock: :?

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PostPosted: 13 Jan 2014, 08:45 
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Thanks for posting. However it looks like you should give it another try and rewrite the story. Please, pay more attention to your grammar.

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2014, 11:03 
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Unfortunately, we won`t be able to assign you this reward. Even though the story is now better, it`s still not good enough.

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